Decorative Egg Stands

Get the Most out of Your Decorated Egg

A decorative egg can be a beautiful showcase for your skills as a collector or artist. But many eggs lose their lustre over time or simply aren’t properly cared for. Follow these tips to ensure your egg lasts and that it can be maintained for a long time to come.

Decorating and Preserving

If you are designing and decorating the egg yourself, then you want to take care to use the proper materials. Don’t just use cheap paints because they are what are available. Instead, opt for something that will last and that actually preserves the egg.

If you aren’t sure if what you are buying is of decent quality, then ask the manufacturer about their product warranty or the seller about which types of decorating materials are best for preserving the egg. You want to find materials that won’t fade or wear off through natural causes over time. These are going to cost more, but it will be worth it to have a decorative egg that doesn’t need to be replaced in a few years.

If you have acquired the egg from an artist or seller, then you need to look into preserving the egg. Find out what materials the egg is made from and decorated with, then take the proper steps to ensure it is maintained and preserved. Many times, the seller will be able to tell you if any such steps have already been taken.

Display Proudly

You don’t buy a fine piece of art and hide it in a closet. You should treat your decorative egg with the same care and pride that you would any art. Paintings go in frames, and decorative eggs go in decorative egg stands such as these from Rider Crafts. These are ornate holders that can be bought in a few different sizes, perfect for any kind of egg. You can buy them in a variety of styles as well, so there should be no problem in finding one that accentuates your eggs perfectly.

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