The Big Clean Up

It was that time of year again, when the Cardiff gallery had its annual deep clean. Vale Carpet Cleaning Company in Cardiff were on hand to take care of all the carpet cleaning. Wine stains, and lots of coffee stains were the main priority. As you can appreciate, when regularly hosting exhibitions, the amount of footfall and drinks at these events is many. The full clean up took about 6 hours, and local volunteers aided in the litter removal from the grounds of the property.

We also doubled up on the clean this year and carried out carpet cleaning in our Sutton, Surrey Gallery. This was carried out by leading Surrey carpet cleaning company Fabclean. The Sutton Gallery carpets were particularly badly stained, as the lundwick exhibition after party was also hosted here.

Of course the windows and gutters needed a thorough clean, and thanks to a local Cardiff gutter cleaning specialist we managed to get everything cleaned within 24 hours.

Thankfully no artwork was cleaned, as this unfortunate person recently found out how not to clean art


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